Teach ECE in China!

Whakaako ki Haina!

Are you an ECE teacher qualified to Bachelor’s level?

Are you looking for a unique and exciting opportunity?

How about a year teaching in a high quality kindergarten in China?

Te Rito Maioha has formed relationships with three reputable and high quality kindergartens* in China. ECE is growing quickly as China continues to open up internationally and has recognised the importance of providing quality early childhood education.

New Zealand’s world leading approach to ECE is held in high regard. These Chinese kindergartens are very keen to learn about our curriculum and from our qualified teachers.

*NB – all early childhood services in China are called kindergartens.

What’s on offer

  • A one year contract, with the possibility of extension.
  • 12,000 Yuan per month after tax (approx $2,400 NZD).
  • Quality apartment style living rent free.
  • Reimbursement for your return international flights and taxi transfer to work and back home.
  • Three meals a day at work during the standard five day working week.
  • Health insurance provided.
  • Completion of all Visa and entry requirements (including reimbursement of costs).
  • English speaking ‘buddies’ to help you to orientate yourself with the area and to provide you with support.
  • 15 days of paid holidays

You will be treated very well and you will have the opportunity to shape the teaching and learning experience in your kindergarten.

Each kindergarten already has international teachers you can talk to before you commit.  Sacha Chadban is a graduate of Te Rito Maioha and is the very first placement we've had!  She's working with Webster Education at Hoosan school which is a forest part kindergarten.

Sacha had the following to say about her experience: "Teaching and living in China has been an amazing life-changing experience for both myself and my children.  We get to travel, try new things and learn more."



Each of our cooperative kindergartens are looking for New Zealand Early Childcare Educators to move to China and bring their expertise to this new and exciting market, and they want them now.


Where: The Kindergartens

Cambridge Education Group

Located in Baoding City in the Hebei Province – near Beijing and the Great Wall of China

Cambridge Education Group has 30 Kindergartens and one primary school. They teach over 10,000 children and employ more than 1,000 teachers. HighScope is the curriculum and the age of the children ranges from three to seven years old.

The city of Baoding has a population of 11.2 million people. It has an ancient history which dates back to the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220AD). The city is home to one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbine generators in China and is well known for the production of high quality solar panels. View Baoding on Google Maps here.

Webster Education

Nanning City in Guangxi Province – the gateway to Southeast Asia

Webster Education has a number of different kindergartens, We Kids Education, We Kids House and V-Kids, including the incredible V-Kids Forest Park. In total the group comprises seven kindergartens, three Montessori and four blended kindergartens. Over 3,000 children attend these kindergartens with near to 400 staff. There are 20 foreign staff already teaching in Nanning. A Skype meeting can be arranged where you will be able to speak with staff on their experiences and life in China and at the kindergarten. The majority of the Webster management team speak English.

Horse riding experience would be an asset here as there would be the opportunity teach children and fellow teachers how to ride around on the forest track.

Nanning City has a population of just under 7 million and is known as ‘Green City’ due the amount of tropical plants in the city. The economy is founded on mineral resources and the city is home to significant high-tech manufacturing. View Nanning on Google Maps here.

Genius International Kindergartens

Changsha in the Hunan Province – a historical city dating back to 1046 BC.

Established in 2004, Genius International Kindergartens comprise 22 kindergartens teaching approximately 7,200 children. Genius is known for their multinational background. European educational resources are utilised and teachers and children come from all over the world.

Genius employs experienced ECE experts covering the disciplines of international management, kindergarten design and team building. They deliver an international curriculum which is self-developed and includes a comprehensive evaluation system.

Changsha city has a population of near to 7.5 million people with an ancient history dating back to the 11th century BC. It is known for its collection of tombs from the Western Han dynasty. Chairman Mao lived and studied in this city. View Changsha city on Google Maps here.


















Who we’re looking for

  • Passionate and exemplary teachers with at the least a Bachelors Degree in Teaching Early Childhood.
  • Teachers who are open to learning and respectful of different cultures.
  • A positive and creative person who loves teaching children.
  • Perfect for someone looking to learn the local language.
  • Note: China's retirement age is 55, as such applicants must be under this age.




Our Kindergarten partners are happy for whole families/children and partners to go.

The fully paid accommodation with host Kindergartens is for single room apartments, however there are larger apartments available for families.  If you have a family which would travel with you then getting access to a larger apartment can be worked out.  Larger apartments are likely to result in a nominal contribution to the increased costs coming from the salary package.

If you wish to bring family, please state this in your application. We will then get these arrangements confirmed with the kindergarten provider prior to you accepting any offer of placement.

How to apply

As a first step, please send a letter of application stating why you would be suitable for consideration, including a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Following receipt of your application we will be in touch to discuss further steps required, including interviews and reference checks.

Please send applications to studentservices@ecnz.ac.nz

Enquiries are always welcome.