International relationship to enrich early learning research and teacher education 


An international agreement to collaborate on early learning research and teacher education will create new knowledge, fresh thinking and opportunities for ECE students, lecturers and researchers. 

“We’re pleased to announce a Memorandum of Co-Operation and Understanding with UNITAR International University of Malaysia,” Te Rito Maioha Chief executive Kathy Wolfe says.  

“Our agreement will see us sharing expertise and experience through collaborative research, student and staff exchanges, professional development and guest lecturing. 

“As a leading bicultural initial teacher education provider, it aligns with our commitment to advance early childhood education knowledge and best practice at a global level.” 

Te Rito Maioha Director of Teaching, Learning and Research Dr Rosina Merry says the international relationship will widen horizons and enrich the experiences of students, post-graduate students, lecturers and researchers. 

“It opens doors to learn from each other, share expertise and evidence, and create greater understanding of diverse culture, language and identity in ECE and teacher education. 

“We have so many exciting opportunities to work collectively towards the common goal of improving early childhood education for young children.” 

Dr Merry says the relationship between the two organisations originated at a UNITAR ECE conference when Te Rito Maioha gave the keynote address on humanising online learning delivery for ECE student teachers. 

“Te Rito Maioha’s expertise and passion for blended field-based and online learning delivery is well aligned with UNITAR which combines on-campus and distance learning.”